Greetings, I’m excited to introduce you to Darius Kirk who currently serves as School Leader of Riverview Gardens High School where he oversees nine academic buildings, 1200 scholars and 160 faculty and staff. He ensures the academic curriculum aligned to Department of Secondary and Elementary Education’s Missouri Learning Standards, developed and refined systems to monitor scholarly data to drive decision making, implement a training program for leaders on school campus, created a framework to improve graduation rate, build a school-wide focus to increase attendance and decrease discipline infractions and cultivate positive relationships with all outside stakeholders. Before this role, Darius served as the School Leader for McLain High School of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he led the school in drastic school improvement in statewide testing, attendance and decreased suspension.

Darius obtained firsthand experience and knowledge from serving as a school leader in an unaccredited school district, Riverview Gardens School District. Through a concerted effort, he led the district in improving the Missouri Performance Index points from 38 in 2013 to 117.5 in 2016, through the Missouri accountability system known as MSIP 5, the Missouri School Improvement Program. Due to the major improvement on MSIP, DESE voted to change the status of the district to provisionally accredited. Lastly, due to the radical school transformation, The Governor, Jay Nixon, invited the principal and scholars to his state of the state address to honor them.


Darius obtained a Bachelor’s Education and Master’s in Urban Education with an emphasis in Leadership from Langston University. He also earned an Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership and Curriculum from Webster University. Lastly, he did some post-graduate work at Harvard University and New York University.


Darius is a dedicated educational servant that has an internal drive to develop quality ecosystems of learning for young scholars in disenfranchised communities.