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Our Visionary

The Village is a new organization; however, the vision has been a dream of our founder Kenan Morrison for over five years.  As a teacher, Kenan has seen the need for mentors in the lives of young men who have passed through his classroom.  The objective of the organization is to impact the lives of these young men so they grow up to be great leaders, fathers, and mentors. We want to produce well rounded, productive young men.


The Vision

To influence the minds of young men to become better men thereby experiencing joy and taking pride in their labor.


As a start-up organization, our goal is to take 50 young, black men, ages 11-18, who are just entering high school or have been there for 1-3 years, and by the time graduation is upon them, prepare them to pursue higher education, obtain employment, and to take on life.  We will accomplish this with the help of our 30 mentors, 20 volunteers, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Incorporated and the deacon board of The Prince of Peace Church working closely with the youth, community leaders, and staff of The Village.







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